Turquoise Inlaying Dish (02107)

CDN$ 110

Turquoise Inlaying Tray can bring you an Iranian art show at your home or office. Turquoise Dish is a unique product for those who want to buy high quality and unique handmade. The quality and originality of the Nishapur Stone is presented along with a certificate of authenticity that is sent to you by the product. This product has a 10 years warranty.

Turquoise Inlaying is made by placing small pieces of turquoise stone into a mosaic on the surface of dishes, jewelry and decorative objects (from bases made of copper, brass, silver, platinum or bronze). 

The steps to make Turquoise Inlaying include:

1- Goldsmithing  2- Set Turquoise  3- Polishing

Goldsmith is making and preparation of the object intended for Turquoise Inlaying using one of the metals indicated above. Turquoise inlaying correct placement of turquoise chips on the metal so that it is strong enough and the chips do not come off while burnishing the work.

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Code 02107
Weight 570 GR
Diagonal 25 CM
Size 1
Material Turquoise Stone Inlaying on Copper Dish
Usage  Decorative Crafts, Persian Gift


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