Frequently Asked Questions



1. Is it possible to deliver money to your home door?

Only this is possible for Tehran

2. Hello, I’m living in Tehran. If I order my order today, tomorrow will be sent by courier?

For Tehran, it is sent between 6-12 hours a day.

3. Peace be upon you. If the product ordered does not match the requested product, please thank you.

All products have 24 hour test deadlines
And in the event of a mistake in sending, responsibility is with our store

4. Hi. Is it possible to buy from your headquarters in Tehran or maybe another store that you can buy?
In the case of prior coordination, this is possible.

5. Is there a refund for postal charges other than the cost on site next to any product written in the purchase?

No, no fees will be charged.

6. What is the purchase of the Sour Shop?

To buy from the store, you just have to login to start the shopping process.

7. Can hi-shops also buy? If so, how are they?

There is a possibility to buy stores. And settling in cash.

8. What products do users provide to users?

The main store is a variety of handi crafts and artistic products.

9. How can we be sure that your grandfather and grandfather are true?

All properties are licensed and Holgram.
Also, after purchasing, if you have any problems with the same conditions, you have the ability to return the product.