Handmade white Ceramic Large bowl, with Persian Words(5118)

$ 50

Wide, shallow bowls great for serving salads and pastas family-style, or for holding fruit.This beautiful platter is a unique handmade piece which will add style and chic to your table, It is beautiful Iranian style and designed by the Iranian designer CHOGHOOK. White shiny surface is decorated with gold couplet of “MOLANA RUMI ” poetry. The lines imply a deep sense of love between true lovers. True lovers in Iranian poetry share the same sole while they have separate bodies.

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A beautiful hand thrown ceramic bowl in lovely black words in Persian style. This piece of handmade goodness is perfect for serving up salad or pasta. Sturdy and well-balanced, It has a lovely carved foot to be elevated from the surface, and a hand painted design on the outside has completed the elegance of this beauty. The contrast between the natural beauty of this clay body, and the soft shade of black  is something to behold.

Bowl measures: 29*25 CM wide and 12 CM tall.

weight: 1.3 KG

Dishwasher and food safe.

Weight 1.3 kg


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