Oval Shape Turquoise (4125)

$ 190

Turquoise is one of the most beauty and stunning stone in Iran (formerly known as Persia) for over 5000 years.  Although Iranian production accounts for just a small fraction of the world’s total output, its turquoise still sets the standard for quality.The best of Iranian turquoise is rich blue, with less matrix than most turquoise mined elsewhere. Turquoise is never a hard mineral, but Iranian turquoise is usually harder than turquoise mined in other places.Turquoise stone helps to heal areas of the body that are infected by viruses and bacteria and infected areas. you can find really the best ones with high quality in this website.

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Gem Stone Code 4125
Name Turquoise
size 42.21 MM
Weight 11.8 GR
Shape Oval
color Blue with brown lines


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