Enamel (Mina Kari) Plate (01104)

CDN$ 350

Vitreous Enamel or Mina Kari in Persian, is an Iranian art related to paintings on different dishes like pottery, silver, steel, golden and cuprous. The background colors in Vitreous Enamel are blue, green and sometimes red. If you look carefully at the paintings on the dishes , you will see scenes of blue sky. Since Mina means sky in Persian language that’s why people have called this art “Mina Kari”in Iran. Isfahan is the main city in which Vitreous Enamel is done with the hard work of some skillful people producing this art. Here a sample of a beautiful enamel dish by Master “Ghalriz”, one of the greatest artists in Isfahan is shown. In the ornate of this dish, the traditional and original Iranian colors including Vermilion , Blue and Turquois is used each of which a symbol in Persian history. As the colors used in this dish are so unique, no one can find a similar one in any other dishes.

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Code 01104
Material Metal
Diagonal 20cm
design Arabesque traceries-Khatayi
Color Vermillion-Azure-Brown
Quality First grade (National emblem)


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