Two Set Enamel Engraved Flower Vase (05103)

$ 585

Given that art has no boundaries, our artists, through the combination of two stubborn skills, Qalamzani and painting on copper dishes, are creating other eye-catching effect.

Toreutics and etching (Qalamzani) is one of the old handicrafts of Iran that is categorized among the artistic metalworking. Its historical background goes back to the ancient Iran as old as 3000 years. Qalamzani is transferring the images onto a metallic surface by means of a hammer and shaping indents and convex on the surface. Actually, Qalamzani or engraving is the art of decorating and carving various designs by hammering on metal objects; especially copper, gold, silver, and brass.

Isfahan is considered to be the main place of this art but Qalamzani is quite popular and prosperous in other areas of the country too. The artistic work of this course now, shows the glorious and undeniable indication of previous metal work of Iran and Isfahan, in particular. To create such a magnificent piece, the artist requires extensive skill, talent, and patience. The more patterns and images Qalamzani objects carry, the more aesthetically and artistically valuable they are.

Do not clean Qalamzani dishes and items with chemicals. Also, do not use steel wool to burnish them. This product has 7 years warranty.

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Code 05103
Weight 4.5 KG
Height 55 Cm
Width 21 CM
Usage  Decorative Crafts, Persian Gift
Material Hand Engraved on copper vase
Weight 4.5 kg


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