handicraft ideas

handicraft ideas


handicraft ideas : With our adhesive solutions,
you can implement countless handicraft ideas and give your imagination free rein.
If you can not think of creative ideas to decorate,
here you will easily find inspiring projects to implement in different spaces of the home:
a collage on the wall, a nest – almost everything is possible.
And the best thing is that new tips and tricks will be constantly added to our collection!

Craft business ideas

Here we show you different craft business ideas so you can make your hobbies a profession.
The advantages? Work from home,
being your own boss and without the need to invest a lot of money.
To advise you in depth you can turn to the Chamber of Commerce of your province.

Candles with beeswax

Take note of the materials we need to make candles with 100% natural beeswax :

  • Sheets of beeswax
  • Beeswax on pearls
  • Bee mold
  • Cotton wick

You will also have to have on hand: cutter, needles, ruler and scissors.
Surely these candles that we show you as ideas for craft businesses you have seen in more than one street market for sale!
They are very simple to make and you will have them ready in a very short time. Go ahead and try!


handicraft ideas

handicraft ideas

Craft wax screens

The wax screens , along with the candles, are another great option to set up an artisanal business ,
since they have a very good outlet in the market. They are used to decorate,
create relaxed environments and aromatize rooms. Look how easy they are to do!
Paraffin 58-60º Premium (1700 gr.)
Additive for lanterns (300 gr.)
Release agent
Liquid coloring for candles
Molds for lanterns

Learn step by step how to make handmade wax screens with different shapes !
Keep in mind that you can also make them in various colors , creating a wide variety to sell them.

To read more examples of Iranian art and handicrafts and carpets and sculptures, and more, you can also click on the specified gallery link.



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