Sculpture materials

Sculpture materials

Silicon Molding

The molding of the sculpture ( Sculpture materials ) using silicon
is one of the common methods of molding It can be used to make and use various tools.
This method of molding for the production of various statues
and decorative sculptures in sizes Different dimensions are used.

After preparing various sculptures ,
you may want to produce them Make money and earn money by doing this,
therefore, molding training A very valuable period in sculpture,
which is very much used in production The statue
and templates have a variety of items you need and you can easily Generate bronze,
polyester and resin and fiberglass sculpture training in bulk.

The mold of a statue is a hollow space through the pouring
of the molding fluid Around the statue is created
and can be easily done using the method Molding created templates for reproduction of a statue similar to the original statue.
Of course, to rebuild a statue through its mold,
it must have the proper casting material Put in the mold and use special techniques.


In this section,we will describe the steps required for the molding of the sculpture:
The choice of a suitable method for the molding of the statue is the first step in the training of molding.
Provide the raw materials required for molding
and making the necessary preparations Sculpture;
For example, in each of the molding techniques,
you must have the statue level Impregnated by materials that the molding fluid does not stick to.

An appropriate proportion of the materials needed to prepare the mold
and mix them should be measured and prepared.
Performing the molding in the correct manner
and appropriate to the type of material used for molding.
The final stage of the work also includes cutting the mold.
After this step, the mold is prepared and can be easily used for casting.




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