History Of Sculpture

History of Sculpture ,
Perhaps the first sculptures were made primitive by hunters to use it as a miraculous device for hunting.
After the advent of civilization,
the sculptures were made in the form of gods.
The Greek kings, in the hope of eternity, ordered to shave their faces,
and in Christian churches symbols of Satan were built to remind us
of the permanent presence of Satan and its impact on human life.

Prehistoric Sculpture

Prehistoric Sculpture is one of the oldest Iranians art.
Human beings created a statue before painting or building.
The first human drawings related to engraving on the walls of the caves or the surface of the earth.
This factor contributed to the development of the art of sculpture as much as the creation of the art of painting.
From the remnants of prehistory,

it can be seen that sculptures were not made in prehistoric times for artistic and aesthetic aspects.
These sculptures were made in various tribes to receive spiritual and spiritual help and survival.
These trunks of women, men, and children, or a combination of them,
were statues for honoring the forces of nature and worshiping these forces as bad or good manifestations.

Sculpture early in the Christian era

In this period, sculpture was in fact an expression of Roman art.
Due to the opposition of the Christian religion to Judaism,
and that a number of sculptures made at that time form the Jewish hat,
sculpture was considered a banned act.

Then the church concluded that sculpture could also be a means of propagating the religion of Christianity.
In the fifth century AD, with the overthrow of the Roman Empire in the central
and southern parts of Europe, Roman art spread across different parts of Europe,
and Europe also became Christian. Also, the art of the German region of Europe,
which until then was something similar to the complex geometric and decorative designs,
had a great influence on the art of Rome.

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