Cyan & White Handwoven Floor Covering Zilou ,100% Cotton(7102)

$ 300

Zilou has a simple, cool and durable appearance that can bring the freshness of the desert sand in summer evenings to the people and take out the boredom of them. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. Zilou is double sided and both can be used with different colors which make it spacial. It is comfortable and has no pattern. The pattern is in the weaver’s mind. Zilou is woven even by the blind. Maybod is the city of the carpet ” ZILOU” and it is registered by UNESCO as the city of handicrafts. Zilou is made of cotton, Cotton yarn was produced as the raw material with the help of spinning wheels in the past. These colors, which had a plant origin, were fixed and showed a lot of resistance in the sun and the washing.In addition, The fiber and polyester fibers are harmful to the skin’s eczema  or allergy , so natural carpets like “Zilou” are the best carpets for these patients.


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Code 7102
Material Cotton
Length 150
Width 100
Color white-Cyan
Design Double Margin


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