Iranian Jewels Museum

iranian jewels museum The treasure of the ” National Jewels Treasury ” is a collection of the most expensive jewelry in the world that has been available for centuries and ages. The importance of jewelry in the “National Jewels Treasury” is not limited to its economic value, but it reflects the taste of Iranian craftsmen […]

Iranian Handicraft

Iranian Handicraft Iranian Handicraft :The identity of any country can be found in the context of the culture and history of that ancient civilization, and this identity is part of an ancient story of the connections between the arts and civilization of the people of that region. Iran, having a deep and deep civilization, One […]

Painting picture

Painting picture Painting picture Exhibition of paintings and art gallery : In our gallery you can also buy a selection of original paintings, unique and exclusive works with artistic value. If you want to acquire a valuable picture, give a distinguished touch to them or present an unforgettable present, you will surely find something appropriate within […]

handicraft ideas

handicraft handicraft ideas : With our adhesive solutions, you can implement countless handicraft ideas and give your imagination free rein. If you can not think of creative ideas to decorate, here you will easily find inspiring projects to implement in different spaces of the home: a collage on the wall, a nest – almost everything […]


handicraft HandiCraft s are as old as humanity. Although at first it had utilitarian ends, today it looks for the production of aesthetically pleasing objects in a world dominated by mechanization and uniformity. Among the oldest artisan techniques are basketry, weaving, wood work and ceramics… Almost all the artisan techniques that are practiced today are […]


Carpets rug :Since ancient times, rug have represented luxury and comfort, but today, they are part of everyday life in many homes, with different functions; as part of the decoration, to provide warmth during the winter, or simply to be an area where we can sit and share. Choose yours and enjoy it. rug Any loom or fabric, […]


bakhtiari carpet The bakhtiari carpet is one of the Iranian underground layers, which is woven from knitting by placing and passing one by one and one under the warp in the warp or warping the warp around the warps. Kilim is one of the main products of tribes and nomads and villages due to the lightness […]

Sculpture materials

Silicon Molding The molding of the sculpture ( Sculpture materials ) using silicon is one of the common methods of molding It can be used to make and use various tools. This method of molding for the production of various statues and decorative sculptures in sizes Different dimensions are used. After preparing various sculptures , […]


History Of Sculpture History of Sculpture , Perhaps the first sculptures were made primitive by hunters to use it as a miraculous device for hunting. After the advent of civilization, the sculptures were made in the form of gods. The Greek kings, in the hope of eternity, ordered to shave their faces, and in Christian […]

Wood Carving

Wood carving wood carving art, includes any benevolent of sculpture in wood, from the decorative bas-relief on small objects to life-size figures in the round, furniture, and architectural decorations. The woods used vary greatly in hardness and grain. The most commonly employed woods include boxwood, pine, pear, walnut, willow, oak, and ebony. The tools are […]


Saffron History of Saffron: a Saffron is a plant that grows up to 30 cm in height. The saffron plant has purple flowers with six petals. Saffron flowers have three flags and a pink-colored tri-colored spit tree, the part used for this end of the cream and the three-branched claws, known as saffron, with its […]

Iranian Handmade Carpet

Carpets Carpet  are woven from cotton, wool and, in some cases, silk, which is usually used to cover the ground. Since rugs have always had beautiful robes, today they are also considered to be decorative. Since 2014, the city of Tabriz in Iran has been introduced as the capital of the carpet of the world. […]

Kinds Of Persian Handmade Carpet

Zanjan Carpet Carpet weaving in Zanjan is one of the oldest industries that plays a significant role in the export of Iranian carpets. Weaving carpets can be mentioned from the beginning of the city, that is, since the time of the kingdom of Ardeshirbabakan. Zanjan’s carpets are one of the best cultural influences in the […]

Iranian Art

Iranian Art The arts of Iran are one of the richest art heritages in world history which surround several traditional disciplines including architecture,painting,literature,music, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking . In addition There is a very vigorous Iranian modern and  current art scene, as well as cinema and photography. Iranian art is known as an art derived from concepts such as the transcendence of the […]


Kilims It is believe that Iranians, specially in villages, shows their riches on the floor and because the most preciouse carpets are surely not for walking over- on the wall. The secret of the splendid of the Persian carpet lies in the selection of material the richness of the blonds of colors, the beauty of […]

The history of Persian handicraft

Persian handicraft Persian handicraft, as one of the main poles of the world’s handicrafts, with a brilliant background. Undoubtedly, the talent and creativity of Iranian people and their interest in art and the creation of works of art have been one of the factors of persistence and durability of Iranian handicrafts. The experts believe that […]


Persepolis Legendary city of Persepolis, is the former capital of Darius the Great and founded in 512 BC. There was no more impressive construction in the ancient world, except perhaps Karnak in Egypt. The centre of the great Persian Empire, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenians and the showpiece of Achaemenian art, Persepolis (Capital of Persia […]

The History Of Persia

  The Persian Empire was one of the first major empires in the ancient world. The ancient Persian Empire originated in the region currently known as Iran. At its peak, the Persian Empire encompassed most of the Middle East, Asia Minor and parts of Central Asia and India. Early Persians inhabited the ancient region of […]


Souvenir in Iran Iran is a gorgeous location to buy souvenirs and you will find it difficult not to indulge yourself. In fact due to its very ancient civilization, rich cultures and also geographical place, has an significant influence in the world arts and handicrafts. Different cities in Iran specialize in private products.Iranian souvenirs can […]

history of persian painting

Iran painting As a matter of fact, its true to declare that it was at the end of the Qajar time, or thereabouts, that Persian painting in its several branches, overtake its nadir. The last half-century, has seen a significant renaissance, helped by the foundation of art schools in different parts of the country. By […]

history of gemstone of mashhad

Father of Iran’s Rock Industry “Ghanbar Rahimi” whose knowledge of the quarries was second to none and who was called as “Iran’s Sultan of Stone” was born in Soove village in Isfahan city. He is known as father of Iran’s rock industry because of his fantastic services toward Extraction also discovery of mines such as […]


Isfahan Isfahan is located 406 kilometres south of Tehran, and it is located at the intersection of the two principal north_south and east–west routes of Iran. Its also has hot weather during the summer and it has very cold nights in winter . Isfahan also has many , monuments , historical buildings , paintings and […]


ISFAHAN (Esfahan Handicrafts) Isfahan has maintained its position as a major center for traditional crafts in Persia. The crafts of Isfahan encompass textiles, carpets, metalwork, woodwork, ceramics, painting, and inlay works of various kind. The work is carried out in different settings including small industrial and bazaar workshops, in the homes of craftsmen and women, […]


INSCRIPTION WRITTEN IN PERSIAN PAINTING METHOD OF “ NÈGARGARI ” Ahmadamiraghai Mehrdad Abstract: Nègargari is one of the Persian visual arts that consist of very delicate and fine decorative patterns. In the last years of the seventh century, that Sassanideras ended and start of Islamic eras, with a slight delay and with the benefit of […]


Goldsmith Goldsmith includes the making and preparation of the object intended for Turquoise Inlaying using one of the metals indicated above. This is done by a goldsmith using hands, press machine or both. After the object is formed generally, be it a piece of jewelry or a container, the part to be turquoise inlaid is […]


Shiraz and Abadeh are among the centers in which the inlaid is professionally make and large professors in these cities are engaged in training and teaching of artists and enthusiasts. What is known today in Iran’s traditional embossing is the way of carving that is in elegance and refusal of imitation and also to evidences […]


  Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri was born in Daryasogand, Bijar, 1950 . He Born in a family of artists. Mohammad Aghamiri after passing the primary and secondary school in Tehran and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in painting from Tehran stairs to the UK went on to continue his education in the field of art.He had numerous […]


Lalejin, City of Pottery The great view from the hills of Hekmataneh and the palaces of Laodicea are the trademarks of Hamedan. Pottery is still popular in this province and has made it the most important source of income throughout the region. There are around 550 workshops in Hamedan,about 6296 people are working in these […]


The city of Sirjan is located in the southwest of Kerman province. Sirjan rugs typically have both bold types and colors. Designs are often geometric, and sometimes feature flower (rose) motif.Colors of which are used are often a red field with other colors being blue, black, ivory and other colors. Sirjan are on the thinner side, […]


The first pottery of mankind The first dishes made by humans for daily use were baskets. In this form they were covered the baskets with flowers in order to penetrate them in and out. When the pottery and pottery industry was created and the possibility of making furnaces and cooking slime was made, people remembered […]


World Craft City of Meybod for hand-woven Floor Covering (Zilou) Zilou is one of the oldest type of handmade carpet in Iran and has been woven in Meybod (55KM to Yazd) from many years ago. It was the carpet of Iranians not so long ago and was exported from Meybod to many cities of Iran […]


Kalipour is the name of a medicinal plant with a special drug in the Balochistan region, and Kalporgan is one of that fascinating villages, located in Sistan and Baloochestan province in southeast of Iran has recently nominated as the first handicraft village in the world. Most of the people are farmers and produce: dates, citrus […]


Klash, also called Giveh, is a traditional footwear used to be very popular all over Iran in the past. The lightweight and breathable footwear was originally intended to wear by men, however, in some regions they are welcomed by women too in the hot summertime.A network of creative craft cities worldwide(WCC) has been recently launched […]


One of the brilliant handicrafts in Iran, like the other kinds of ancient crafts which is a combination of art and patience, is wood carving. Its artisans create highly talented and valuable consumer goods from cheap and great deal of initial materials. Wood carving involves carving of wood based on precise designs. each carved piece […]


 Turquoise Turquoise is one of the most beauty and stunning stone in Iran (formerly known as Persia) for over 5000 years.  Although Iranian production accounts for just a small fraction of the world’s total output, its turquoise still sets the standard for quality. It name in Iran as “Ferozah” whichtranslated means “victory.”  It is Iran’s […]


Wood carving Wood carving is one of the brilliant oldest arts of humankind. Wooden spears from the Middle Paleolithic, such as the Clacton spears, represent that people have engaged in functional woodwork for millennia. It is noticeable that, Woodcarving is a form of woodworking via cutting tool (knife) in one hand or a chisel by […]